Surf & Turf ($10)
Buzz Cason
Latest release from Buzz Cason (2012)

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1. Climb Up On A Good Ol' Song And Ride
2. My Baby She's Cookin'
3. Walk The Line
4. I Play Music
5. Change My Life
6. Somebody Oughta
7. My Last Temptation
8. Beach Man
9. Gulf Of Mexico
10. Sandy
11. Snowbird
12. Free
13. Hope

Working Without A Net ($10)
Buzz Cason
Buzz Cason - Working Without A Net

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1. Working Without A Net
2. Wild Eyed Girl
3. I Was There When The Deal Went Down
4. This Ol' Gal
5. Walk Away
6. Garage Band
7. It Is What It Is
8. I Don't Do Lonely
9. Real
10. Dixie Rain
11. Passenger
12. I'll Be True
13. I Brake For Angels

Busload of Love
Buzz Cason
Buzz Cason - Busload of Love

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1. Bring It On Home
2. To Texas From Tennessee
3. Greyhound
4. Old Rebels
5. Sentimental Attitude
6. If I'd Known You Were Back In Town
7. Not Just Any Beach
8. Donuts
9. She Falls For Singers
10. You Can't Lie To Me
11. Song Man
12. Big Whoppin' Love
13. Tryin' Not To Think About Me
14. Porter's Gone Home
15. A Heart To Heart
16. Long Time Ago In America
17. On This Highway

Radio Cafe
Anthony Crawford

Exciting new release by Anthony Crawford, Radio Cafe. 

Anthony has toured with Neil Young, Dwight Yokum and various other it's his turn to shine.  This eclectic collection of new and traditional grooves aptly displays the diversity of Anthony's music, thus the appropriately titled CD, Radio Cafe offers a taste of Anthony's musical depth. 


Anthony Crawford - Radio Cafe CD

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Anthony Crawford - Video
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Anthony Crawford Fan Club

Includes Autographed CD, T-Shirt, Photograph and monthly email newsletter.

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1. Destiny
2. Undo
3. Louisiana
Glory Bound
5. Home Nights
6. How Do You Know?
7. We Used To Be We
8. Bright Morning
9. Unchanging
10. Fall
11. Leave That Girl Alone
12. Stuff
13. Chameleon's All Star Love Band
14, Emerge
15. My Life


Don't Count Us Out
Keith Sykes
Latest release featuring guest apperances from John Prine, Iris DeMent and Rodney Crowell. 





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  1. Country Morning Music
  2. Sally Got Jack
  3. Everybody Wants To Feel Like You
  4. Lavender Blue
  5. Broken Homes
  6. Talking To A Stranger
  7. Chain
  8. Broke Down Engine
  9. It's Just For You
  10. She Loves To Ride Horses
  11. She Will
  12. Why Do You Treat Him Like That
  13. Sweet Emily
  14. Don't Count Us Out

My Name Is Not Susan
Kim Patton-Johnston
From her Dove Award-winning, "Count Your Blessing" (the Martins), to the Judd’s reunion single, "Stuck in Love", to CMT’s most requested video, "Elisabeth" (Billy Gilman), Kim Patton-Johnston is no stranger to having songs of hers recorded to make an impact.

Trisha Yearwood, Kelley Coffey, Tim McGraw, Lee Ann Womack, Susan Ashton, and Sierra are among artists who’ve recorded songs by Kim Patton-Johnston with the recurring sentiment of "she said what I wanted to sing." For a songwriter, that is perhaps the highest compliment.


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  1. Happy Accident
  2. Pearl
  3. All You Need
  4. St. Francis
  5. Never Before, Never Again
  6. Not So Far Away
  7. Mr. Lincoln
  8. All Through The Morning
  9. One Less Monkey
  10. When The Day Is Done
  11. In My Dreams
  12. Said One Mother

Play Ball
Randy & The Rainbows
A brand new hot-off-the-presses CD from the Rainbows featuring their new hit, Angela, My Angela. The CD includes a 2002 version of their pop icon hit, Denise, plus many new pop standards such as Good Life, Still In Love With You, and Deep Down. In addition to their recordings, the Rainbows are one of the greatest performing groups around. They don’t leave without a standing O! The Rainbows are Mike Zero, Vinny Carella and Jimmy Bense. This CD is HOT.


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  1. Angela, My Angela
  2. Still In Love With You
  3. Deep Down
  4. Ain't She Pretty
  5. Good Life
  6. Denise
  7. Don't Throw Your Love Away
  8. Laura
  9. Julie
  10. Silver & Gold
  11. Joseph
  12. My Love Concerto


BUFFETT LIVE: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

Jimmy Buffett
15 Buffett favorites recorded live on tour in 99'. A must for all music lovers and of course, the Parrottheads!




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  1. Fruitcakes
  2. Southern Cross
  3. Pencil Thin Mustache
  4. Tryin' To Reason With Hurricane Season
  5. Coconut Telegraph
  6. Cheeseburger In Paradise
  7. Come Monday
  8. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
  9. Volcano
  10. Brown Eyed Girl
  11. Tin Cup Chalice
  12. Fins
  13. One Particular Harbour
  14. Margaritaville - (lost verse included)
  15. Love And Luck

It's About Time
Keith Sykes
Sykes, co-writer of "Volcano" with Jimmy Buffett, and "Take Me, Take Me" with Rosanne Cash has teamed up with the likes of Don Singleton to Rodney Crowell, among others for this CD. His songs have been covered by artists ranging from Buffett to Crowell to Jerry Jeff Walker to Patty Loveless to The Judds.


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  1. Train To Dixie
  2. I Was Right About You
  3. Me Casa Su Casa
  4. Back in the 60's
  5. Letting Go
  6. I Wanna Go To The Islands
  7. Goodbye for Real
  8. Buzzin' Fly
  9. Your Love
  10. I Love Football

Advanced Medicine for the Blues
Keith Sykes
Keith's latest offering features 13 cuts of new songs. His co-writers on this CD include Danny Flowers, Jamie Hartford and Hank Devito. Memphis Music at it's best!




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  1. Advanced Medicine For The Blues
  2. I Know an Angel
  3. Flyin' Low
  4. The Whole 9 Yards
  5. One World
  6. Give Me All Your Love
  7. Baby Please (All the Shirmp in New Orleans)
  8. Hard Enough
  9. One up One Down
  10. Those Were The Days
  11. Better Than A Husband
  12. I Want You I Need You I Love You
  13. The Fireplace

Songwriters on Beale St.
with Host Keith Sykes
This recording is the first of what we hope is a series of records. Recorded live at the Black Diamond, we have made every effort to make the record as much like the show as we can. We have left in some of the stories the writers tell about their songs while still trying to keep the record "moving along" in a musical sense.


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  1. Tulsa Time - Danny Flowers
  2. Dreaming with My Eyes Open - Tony Arata
  3. You Got Gold - Keith Sykes
  4. Delta Dawn - Alex Harvey
  5. Back in My Younger Days - Danny Flowers
  6. A Lover is Forever - Fred Knobloch
  7. Hank Williams, You Wrote My Life - Paul Craft
  8. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen - Jack Clement
  9. Ruben James - Alex Harvey
  10. The Dance - Tony Arata
  11. Miller's Cave - Jack Clement
  12. Brother Jukebox - Paul Craft
  13. Volcano - Keith Sykes

the Moonshine Cherries
the Moonshine Cherries
Hot new alternative rock band - outstanding lead vocals by Ted Thomas with Paul Beasley on guitar and David Blair on drums. Produced at the Woodshed, Memphis, Tennessee by Keith Sykes.



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  1. Hard To Believe
  2. Holding On
  3. Sweet Baby Jane
  4. My Marigold
  5. For Crying Out Loud
  6. Green
  7. Pinocchio Complex
  8. Carefree
  9. Sooner Than Later
  10. Summer Mourning
  11. Forget Your Way
  12. One of Those Days

Tales From an (Almost) Normal Childhood

Jonathan Gale Listen:
The high energy debut solo performance by one of Atlanta's favorite rockers.





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  1. Prelude
  2. Days of Wonder
  3. Restless Soul
  4. Nowhere To Go
  5. Angel
  6. Let it Shine
  7. Roses (Goodbye Sister Sixteen)
  8. Don't Give In
  9. Wind of Change
  10. Guillotine
  11. Two Make One
  12. Rain Dance
  13. Middle of a Dream
  14. Mistress Goodbye
  15. Redemption

Rock ‘N Roll Rebel

Troy Shondell  
Troy Shondell’s “Rock ‘N Roll Rebel” CD contains his smash hit, “This Time”, truly a clasici from the golden era of rock’ n roll. This CD also includes rock/R&B hits “Rip It Up”, “Rockin’ Pneumonia” and “Hello Josephine”.Troy is an active performer on the Oldies and Legends circuits.





Buy CD $12.00


  1. C'mon Every Body
  2. Goodbye Little Darlin'
  3. Kissin' At The Drive In
  4. The Trance
  5. Girl After Girl
  6. You Can't Catch Me
  7. Love Stuff
  8. Rip It Up (Oh Boy)
  9. This Time (We're Really Breaking Up)
  10. Hello Josephine
  11. Slow Down
  12. Rockin' Pneumonia
  13. Let's Go All The Way
  14. No Fool Like An Old Fool
  15. I've Got A Woman
  16. Just Because
  17. Head Man
  18. Island In The Sky

Meet Me In Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett  


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Disc 1
  1. Margaritaville
  2. Migration
  3. Growing Older But Not Up
  4. Holiday (Live/New Recording)
  5. Come Monday
  6. Fruitcakes
  7. We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About
  8. Cheeseburger In Paradise
  9. Jolly Mon Sing
  10. The Pascagoula Run (Live/New Recording)
  11. Tin Cup Chalice
  12. Pencil Thin Mustache
  13. Grapefruit/Juicy Fruit
  14. Coconut Telegraph
  15. Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
  16. Last Mango In Paris
  17. Fins
  18. Why Don't We Get Drunk
  19. Brown Eyed Girl
  20. One Particular Harbour

Disc 2

  1. School Boy Heart
  2. Everybody's Talkin' (New)
  3. Volcano
  4. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor (New Recording)
  5. Take Another Road
  6. Knees Of My Heart (New Recording)
  7. In The Shelter (New Recording)
  8. Havana Daydreamin'
  9. Desperation Samba [Halloween In Tijuana] (Live/New Recording)
  10. Barefoot Children
  11. Saxophones (New Recording)
  12. Cowboy In The Jungle
  13. He Went To Paris (New Recording)
  14. Creola
  15. Bob Robert's Society Band
  16. A Pirate Looks At Forty (Live/New Recording)
  17. Sail On Sailor (New)
  18. The Captain And The Kid (New Recording) home | more music & videos